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High-Performance Ryzen 4000 Processors launched by AMD

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Companies should be really Interested because the performance of Ryzen going to allow their workforce to be much more productive,’ AMD’s Jason Banta says of the chipmaker’s upcoming Ryzen 4000 series laptop processors.

2019 is groundbreaking for AMD with their new crops of processors ruling the desktop segment, they started to gaining market share from Intel. AMD seriously started to compete with Intel on performance parameters, rather than undercutting their price only after releasing processors based on Zen 2 architecture, which again based on the Industry-first 7nm fabrication method. Zen 2 is by far the best architecture AMD released so far. One caveat for this their laptop processors is not up to the mark, where the intel is an absolute king. AMD introduced their Ryzen 4000 series laptop processors based on 7nm Zen 2 architecture is going to change that.

The Ryzen 4000 series processors promise up to 4 percent greater single-thread performance and up to 90 percent faster-multithreaded performance than the competition. AMD also promises up to 18 percent faster graphics performance over Intel. Built for the most demanding gaming and content creation workloads, AMD Ryzen™ 4000 H-Series Mobile Processors are the new standard for performance in innovative, thin and light laptops as mentioned in the AMD website.

Source: AMD

Processor Models Introduced By AMD

Asus introduced one of the first Ryzen 4000 processors, The new laptops are the 15-inch TUF Gaming A15 and F15 and the 17-inch TUF gaming A17 and F17, with the F models being powered by Intel processors. Both the laptops will be available for sale in Bonfire Black and Fortress Grey color options. The Processors on both the models will be up to 8 cores and 16 threads. Asus is also offering both the models with up to Nvidia GeForce and Radeon Graphics cards.

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